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Online Psycology Program: The Top 5 Colleges

With a range of online psychology programs, it’s more accessible than ever to have an accredited degree right from your...

W ith a range of online psychology programs, it’s more accessible than ever to have an accredited degree right from your home.

Online Psycology Program: Advices

Getting enrolled in an online psychology program can be a life changing decision if you want to launch a career, progress in your profession or jut learn a few basic things. A whole range of beginners, bachelor’s and master’s courses is available online, offered by many colleges. So, which are the best ones?
  • Colorado Technical University: Highly-recognized as one of the best colleges to offer online programs, Colorado Technical School has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology program online. Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, this comprehensive program teaches students about the theories and real world implications of psychology.
  • Purdue Global University: In psychology, they offer 3 different BS in Psychology degrees with specialization in: addiction, applied behavior analysis, and industrial/ organizational psychology. They are courses require the completion of 180 – credits in total. They also have MS programs in Psychology online.

Other courses

There are also other three courses famous for the online psychology programs:
  • Capella University: With alumni salaries rising 72% within 5 years of completing a master’s degree, Capella University has some of the most lucrative master’s, doctoral and certified online psychology programs. However, it’s an expensive college with tuition per credit hour ranging between $385 to $768.
  • Grand Canyon University: The master’s program offered by Grand Canyon University is a non-thesis program that can be applied to a wide range of fields like life coaching, organizational training, sports psychology, etc. Designed for professionals, completing this program can be greatly beneficial in getting to the next stage of your career.
  • Walden University: Both of their online psychology programs and the counselling program are taught by fellow professionals with practical experiences. With 6-week and 11-week format, their courses are the most flexible too.