Thursday, September 29, 2022

The 5 Best Online Degree Programs

young girl studying on laptop in online degree program

For those who have a full time job or kids at home, getting more education can be difficult. Luckily, online degree programs make getting educated easy. However, searching for an online bachelors or an online masters program can be tough as there are many options out there. These are five schools which are known to offer some of the best online degrees.

Arizona State – $520 – $728 per credit hour

Arizona State is a well known school that offers great bachelors and masters programs. Their scholarship opportunities make distance learning more affordable and they offer flexible schedules. This degree program is one of the most reputable and 87% of ASU grads get a job within 90 days.

Pennsylvania State – $555 per credit hour

Penn State’s World Campus offers bachelors and masters degrees 100% online. Their school is reputable and looks great on a resume. 83% of graduates end up getting full time employment. Their class schedules aren’t that flexible but options are offered for those with busy schedules.

University of Illinois, Chicago – $406-$500 per credit hour

One of the top schools in Illinois has a great distance learning program for adult learners. 44% of the graduates end up working full time within a year in their desired fields thanks to the opportunities this university gives.

Thomas Edison State University – $499 per credit hour ($396 for New Jersey Residents)

Those with workforce experience can test out classes and earn a degree sooner at this university. Many people enroll here as well to ‘test out’ a bachelor’s degree altogether as this school offers that option. This is also the most flexible school due to the fact you work at your own pace. Employment rates aren’t available for this school as most people who attend already have a job and want to advance.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – $413 per credit hour ($250 for active duty military)

Embry-Riddle is a prestigious engineering and aeronautical university with campus locations around the country. Their worldwide program offers adult learners to get trained from a distance. Their schedules are flexible and they offer graduate degree options as well. Those who graduate from this program are highly employable.

There are many great options out there for those who want online bachelor’s and online masters degrees. Online degree programs work with your schedule and help you find the time to complete a degree while working or taking care of kids. The above five best online degrees listed are the most searched and enrolled for those who want a quality education.