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Which Hotel is the best in Madrid?

Is it the Westin Palace? What about the Ritz? Find out which we think is the best hotel in Madrid....

I s it the Westin Palace? What about the Ritz? Find out which we think is the best hotel in Madrid.

Hotel in Madrid

Looking for a hotel in Madrid? With the iconic Hotel Ritz closed for renovation, it’s probably time to look out. So, how about the Palacio Conde de Miranda? Although not quite a traditional hotel, we consider it the best hotel in Madrid. Let’s find out why. Grand Location Located in the grandest neighborhood of Madrid de Los Austrias – the old center of Madrid; the Palacio Conde de Miranda offers an unparalleled atmosphere no other Madrid hotel chain. The Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, the famous Teatro Real Opera House all sit within a couple hundred yards, providing the buzz of this majestic city in abundance. You can even catch a glimpse of the Baroque Church of San Miguel from its courtyard, while smelling the gourmet market through one of its windows!

Exquisite Décor

The pink building standing since the beginning of 18th century provides a taste of the history right at the door, but you will be surprised once you get through it. The interior of each of the apartment suits is themed on some much loved characters of all types – the Simpsons, Thelma & Luise, Frida Cahlo. You can effortlessly choose which character you want to live with, all the while looking at some masterpieces of Picaso and Damien Hurst!

Unparalleled Facilities

Receptionists, porter, on-site parking, Wi-Fi – you get all these hotel facilities while living in your own apartment with fully equipped kitchen. Car rental, laundry service, stuffing the refrigerator – you name it and they will arrange it. Offering all these for about $150, the Palacio Conde de Miranda truly deserves its accolades as the best hotel in Madrid.
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