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The Biggest Home Decor Trends 2019

Every year brings with it some new interior design elements, and although it is still early, there are clear front...

E very year brings with it some new interior design elements, and although it is still early, there are clear front runner trends that stand to define 2019. Whether you are building your home or remodeling an existing space, here are some of the home décor trends that you should look to bring into your home in 2019.

Convertible urban dwellings

With space becoming limited in urban living spaces, it is necessary to make the most of every small space. Watch out for retractable beds, movable walls and other convertible design elements in 2019.

Terrazzo surfaces

Terrazzo is a building material that is composed of various materials including marble chips, glass and quartz. 2019 will see the material making a comeback in floors, walls and even countertop surfaces. A durable material, terrazzo has enjoyed longevity in the design scene due to the abstract design and different colour combination it offers. Look out for the terrazzo print in shower curtains and lampshades as well.

Curved finishing

A mainstay in 1960s design, curved finishing (especially in furniture) has, in recent years, been ridiculed as being a bit 'gaudy'. 2019 should, however, see a return of curved finishing in home décor, especially with couches and tables.

Eco-friendly design elements

There is no longer any doubt as to the devastating environmental impact that human beings have had on the planet. It is therefore desirable to have design elements that have a minimal environmental impact. In 2019, home décor will take a more eco-friendly approach. Materials such as marble chips can be re-used and live plant walls will be a more common fixture.

Statement ceilings

Often neglected during interior design, look out for more elaborate 'statement ceilings' in 2019. The detailing that could feature includes elaborate paint schemes, lacquered ceilings, and wallpaper applied to ceiling surfaces. These will be accompanied by elaborate lighting fixtures and other accessories.