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Search The Best Online Mba Programs

With a lot of schools now offering online MBA programs, these are programs that are considered the best in the...

W ith a lot of schools now offering online MBA programs, these are programs that are considered the best in the US.

Online Mba Programs

A master’s degree in business is considered one of the highest academic qualification. Earning an online MBA can enable a professional to progress into the management and executive-level positions. Below is a list of the best online MBA program in the US:
  • University of North Carolina: With full AACSB accreditation, University of North Carolina offers one of the best online MBA programs. The 66-credit curriculum can be arranged according to the students’ preferences with a concentration in marketing, data analytics, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Smeal College of Business: Accredited Smeal College of Business at Penn State offers a 48-credit online MBA program with a concentration on strategic leadership, collaboration and business strategy. Students need to attend a 5-day residency program at the campus at the beginning of their course.

Other Online Mba Options

There are other three options to consider when you decide to study an online Mba Course:
  • Warrington College of Business: The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida offers a 24 month long MBA program. Students need two years of professional experience to enroll, while the students with a bachelor’s degree in business is eligible for an accelerated 16-month long program.
  • Fox School of Business: The Fox school of business at the Temple University allows students to complete the online MBA program from 20 months to 6 years. Its programs are consisting of 48 credits.
  • Arkansas State University: The most affordable online MBA program is offered by the Arkansas State University. With a major in finance or supply chain, students need to complete a total of 33 credits. However, all the incoming students must complete some foundation courses.