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Natural Ways To Cure A Cough

While a cold cough goes away by itself, there also some brilliant natural ways to cure cough or speed up...

W hile a cold cough goes away by itself, there also some brilliant natural ways to cure cough or speed up the recovery.

The Natural Ways To Cure A Cough

Coughing is often considered a healthy reflex that washes away many infections and irritants. As there are many different things that cause coughing, their remedies are also different. However, if you are irritated from persistent coughing, you can try some home remedies or natural ways to cure a cough. There are five homemade remedies:
  • Honey Tea: Honey is known as a great remedy to relieve a cough. Two tablespoons of dark honey, mixed with herbal tea once or twice a day can speed up the recovery from coughing. It’s suitable for all ages except babies under the age of one.
  • Ginger: With the presence of anti-inflammatory substances in ginger, it works like a charm to relieve dry coughs, nausea or pain. Any hot drink, especially tea with ginger can do wonders in curing cough within a few days.

Other cures

There are more cures to follow when you have a cough:
  • Salt Water: While not the tastiest solution, gargling with salt water can naturally cure a cough. Take a cup of warm water and mix a half tablespoon of salt. Stir it until it dissolves, and then gargle. Continue doing it a few times a day until you recover.
  • Steam Shower: If it’s a wet cough, it can be cured through inhaling some steams. Keep your hot water tap open for a while in the shower and then inhale the steam. You can also pour hot water in a bowl and lean over it to inhale the hot steam.
  • Holy Basil: Many eastern herbal medicine specialists recommend drinking holy basil infused drinks as natural ways to cure cough. You can use the dry herb or the leaves and mix it with hot