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How to Pick a Mattress

If you are in the market to buy a mattress, our guide to picking a mattress could be the perfect...

I f you are in the market to buy a mattress, our guide to picking a mattress could be the perfect start. While a particular type of mattress can be very comfortable for some, it can be to source of pain for others. So, personal preference and proper trial are the keys to pick a mattress that is perfect for you. Let’s find out which type of mattress is perfect for your body shape and sleeping preferences!

Types of Mattresses

  • Firm Mattress: While the firmness of a mattress is very subjective, it depends largely on the thickness and density of the foam. A firm mattress is good for people with some extra weight, or back pain, as it provides the highest support and keeps the spine in proper alignment.
  • Medium Mattress: Often considered as the standard mattress, it combines layers of comfort and support to achieve a medium firmness rating. Preferred by the side sleepers for its ability to keep the spine aligned without being too tough on the hips and shoulders. It is also ideal for couples with different preferences.
  • Soft Mattress: If you are a lightweight side sleeper, or someone who likes to feel like sleeping on the clouds, a soft mattress or the mattress with lower firmness rating are the best option for you. However, these mattresses are not the best in supporting your back.

Other Mattress Types

  • Pocket Spring: A more traditional type of mattress, Pocket spring mattresses comes with spring sewn into their individual fabric pockets. While it provides a bouncy feeling, it doesn’t mold according to the body shape.
  • Memory Foam: Just like the name suggests, these mattresses are made using memory foam. Preferred by people who wants a great hug, memory foam mattresses are good for body shaping, pressure relief and balanced comfort. However it can get warmer than other mattresses.