Beautiful Goa province beach in India with fishing boats and stones in the sea

Long-haul Destinations for Stunning Beaches

Are you planning a Long-haul trip but want to make sure your destination has great beaches? Read on and find out: Cambodia If you're thinking of backpacking across Southeast Asia, Cambodia should be on your list of destinations. Besides the friendly and warm locals, you'll enjoy great beaches, including Long...
Woman washing her face with face cleanser
Beauty & Health

The Best Face Washes to Buy in 2019

Your face is the first body part that people notice whenever you meet. You need to keep it looking healthy and fresh considering that it contributes significantly to creating a positive first impression. If you are looking for a suitable face wash, here is a list of the best face...
Modern eco friendly apartment with ferns, and a white screen standing next to a black wall
Home care

The Biggest Home Decor Trends 2019

Every year brings with it some new interior design elements, and although it is still early, there are clear front runner trends that stand to define 2019. Whether you are building your home or remodeling an existing space, here are some of the home décor trends that you should look to bring...
Young blonde women with stylish short hairstyle and color
Beauty & Health

The Best Hair Colors Trends for 2019

2018 had many popular hair hues like fiery reds, rose-gold and icy platinum shades that really rocked the year but all that is about to change. The new year is a great opportunity to experiment with a new semi permanent hair color, but which one to choose? Here are the...
Beauty & Health

4 Make-up Foundations to Give You A Flawless Look

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to have flawless skin that also makes them look 10 years younger? The secret lies in the use of Make-up foundation. Covergirl+Olay Covergirl+Olay contains anti-aging ingredients, as well as sunscreen to protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. This product also...
Beauty & Health

3 hair regrowth products

Has your once long and healthy hair become scanty and won't grow back? Why don't you try hair regrowth products? Propriden Propriden is a powerful hair loss supplement that eliminates the growth of dihydrotestosterone or DHT if you may. DHT is responsible for hair loss. This hair growth supplement is suitable for...

What to do with Christmas leftovers?

After a great Christmas dinner, there is always the puzzle left behind by leftovers. Everyone wants to think and come up with recipes or better still, proper ways of not using them on recipes. The following are ways we can make use of them. Stock the leftovers in the fridge...
Beauty & Health

Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast cancer is the development of abnormal cells that split uncontrollably and have the capacity to infiltrate and destroy ordinary body tissue, beginning in the breasts. Breast cancer has the capacity to spread throughout the body, beginning with the lymph nodes in the armpits. In recent years, there has been...
Beauty & Health

Asthma Treatments

Asthma is a chronic condition in which the airways swell, narrow, and generate extra mucus. This could make breathing hard and trigger wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. For some, the condition is a minor nuisance while for others, it's a major issue that disrupts daily activities and might result...
Beauty & Health

The Facts About Insulin Pens

Diabetes management requires insulin shots throughout the day. Therefore, delivery systems such as insulin pens make it easier to administer insulin shots. If you use a syringe and vial for insulin delivery, switching to these devices might enhance your compliance. These devices are increasingly growing in popularity because they permit...
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