Saturday, September 23, 2023
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How to Send Text Messages Automatically

How to send Text messages automatically

Sending text messages automatically is not very difficult task, and it is a great way to accomplish many different things.

With plenty of automated messaging software or schedulers available, automated messaging is gradually becoming a common practice among many different professionals. It is a cost effective way of communicating with large amount of people. You can even reach people on the go with an app on your android or iOS mobile devices. So, let’s find out how you can send texts automatically in many different situations:

Manage Volunteers

Whether you are working for a non-profit or just organizing an event, managing a group of volunteers can be a difficult task. You need to provide them with all the necessary information, keep in touch with them and answer any specific queries. An automated text service like can be very useful in this regard, with special pricing for non-profits and customized texting features.

Reach Larger Audiences
Platforms, like Spoke, usually cost about $2,800/ year to send about 10,000 texts/ month, enabling businesses and non-profits to reach a large audience with short messages. If you need text-to donate features with specific keywords, is a free, simple platform that you can consider.

To Remind or Notify

Many businesses effectively use text messaging to notify customers about their new offers and discounts. It is also an effective tool to send reminders. They usually use high-end automatic text platforms like EZ Texting, JookSMS, Trumpia, etc. These platforms are relatively expensive, but come with many features, like call-to-action, opt-in, opt-out features, which enable businesses to increase their customer engagements.

Finally, apps, like Scheduled, SMS Scheduler or Auto Reply are some great options to reach people on the go automatically as they are available on smartphone platforms.