Saturday, September 23, 2023

The New Dodge Ram

The New Dodge Ram

The New Dodge Ram comes with everything and a little bit more, be it the Dodge Ram 1500 or 3500.

Considered to be the best truck brand among truck enthusiasts, the latest Dodge Ram line-up got even bigger and better. Their 2019 models include the primary light weight to mid weight trucks – the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Dodge Ram 2500, along with the heavy duty Dodge Ram 3500. The complete line-up also includes Ram Cargo Van and the ProMaster van.

What’s New in Dodge Ram 2019?

The first thing you would notice about the new Dodge line-up is its shift from the ‘crosshairs grill’ design. The seats also have more space now. The key features of the new line up are:

  • Up to 20% increase in the towing and hauling capacity.
  • The use of the turbo-diesel engine now comes as an option for all the models including the Dodge Ram 1500.
  • The 12-inch touch screen is the biggest in the industry and comes as standard across the range.
  • The infotainment system got an upgrade too with a host of driver-assistance features.

The Capabilities of the New Dodge Ram

The towing capacity of new Rams got significantly bigger and now ranges between a minimum of 7,730 pounds in the base 1500 model to a maximum of 35,100 pounds in the heavy duty 3500 trucks.

The Prices of New Ram Trucks
To state the obvious, the prices of new ram trucks vary according to both the model and the trim level. The light weight Dodge Ram 1500 starts at $31,795. The mid weight Dodge Ram 2500 starts at $34,750. Surprisingly, the heavy duty Dodge Ram 3500 is priced just slightly higher at $34,845 for the base model.