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Top 5 Meal Kit Services

Top 5 Meal Kit Services

Find out about the top 5 meal kit services that provides healthier, more convenient eating prepared with fresh ingredients.

If you are planning to ditch takeaway foods for good, you are on the right track to accomplish a healthier food habits. However, without the right meal kit services, it might get quite tricky. Below is a list of top 5 meal kit services that we think provide the highest quality of home-made cooking in a meal basket.

Top Meal Kit Services

  • Gobble: With a diverse weekly menu and recipes that can be personalized and prepared in about 15 minutes, Gobble is one of the most convenient meal kit services. With options to satisfy all kinds of dietary preferences; their dinner kits start at $11.99, with the lunch box costing $5.99.
  • Blue Apron: With a good range of meals that can be personalized based on the dietary preferences; Blue Apron is a big name in the meal kit service industry. Popular for Mediterranean recipes, their meal kits start at $7.49 per serving.
  • HelloFresh: A giant in the industry, HelloFresh has a huge variety of delicious recipes. They have some of our favorite recipes with meals rich in flavor. A HelloFresh meal kit starts at $6.99 with flexible subscription as an option.

Other Meal Kit Services

  • Sun Basket: Sun Basket has probably the highest variety of vegetarian dishes. Quickest to prepare, their great tasting plant based dishes are highly satisfying to vegetarians, pescatarian, and curb-conscious eaters alike. They also use only the organic and sustainable ingredients.
  • Home Chef: High-quality ingredients that come with exceptional flavors makes Home Chef one of the best meal kit services. Their recipes are also very easy to follow, making it almost effortless to cook restaurant quality food at home.