Saturday, September 23, 2023

Top 5 Film Schools in the World

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Undergraduate film degrees are offered as Bachelor of Art (BA) or Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) programs with students choosing to study one or both course options. Most film schools however combine both and divide them into two broad categories: Technical aspects of filmmaking and film history and theory.

Technical aspects of filmmaking builds skills such as sound, lighting, editing, good camera use among others which are vital for movie production. Film history and theory on the other hand, focuses on giving context and meaning to film by analyzing historical and sociocultural backgrounds as well as emerging topics such as globalization, racism, feminism, and others.

Careers in the Film Industry

If you have a passion for screenwriting or acting, obtaining a film degree is a sure path to work in the extensive movie industry. There are different fields in the film industry such as cinematography, screenwriting, film movements, sound and lighting among others which require a level of specialization after obtaining a film degree. The film industry offers lucrative careers with film and video editors as well as camera operators making an average of $59,040 a year and $70,950 for a director.

Requirements for undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in film are almost similar to all film schools. Just like joining any college, you will need to submit your application together with your high school transcripts as well as SAT or ACT score. Some film school may require you also to present a short film to showcase your talent in acting or screenwriting.

Top Film Schools

1. American Film Institute (AFI)

The American Film Institute (AFI) is renowned worldwide for its intensive training in film production. The school requires students to produce at least four personal films during their studies with advice from top players in the film industry such as Steve McQueen. In 2017 alone, 27 alumni were nominated for the prestigious Emmy film awards.

2. Los Angeles Film School

Renowned for producing top Hollywood filmmakers, Los Angeles Film School is certainly among the top. It’s also among the few film schools in the world that offers online programs in digital filmmaking, graphic design, and other courses.

3. Toronto Film School

Toronto Film School is Canada’s best film school offering an extensive curriculum which covers virtually everything in the movie industry. It focuses on a practical teaching approach to providing students with practical knowledge crucial for the industry.

4. London Film School

London Film School is one of the most highly reputable film schools in Europe open to only postgraduate students looking to gain a master’s degree or PhD in film. The school focuses on enhancing craft and production skills in a practical environment.

5. National Film and Television School (NFTS)

With its own film and television studios, the National Film and Television School is among the most prestigious film schools in the UK. It offers undergraduate film degrees as well as specialized postgraduate degrees.


The film industry offers lucrative career opportunities. If you have a passion for videography, acting, screenwriting among others, it’s best you enroll for an undergraduate film degree to become a professional and progress your career doing something you love.