Saturday, September 23, 2023
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5 Eye Make Up Trends in 2019

Young beautiful woman with metallic eye shadow on her eyes symbolizing eye make up trends

From a killer mascara to the perfect eye liner and eye shadow shades that blend with your skin tone and hair color, 2019 has come with excellent eye makeup looks that are worth trying. Let’s face it, eye makeup routines are often boring, and it’s best to experiment with new beauty trends. Perhaps you may even end up finding your beauty spark. Neutral browns blended with oranges and peachy nudes on the lids have been quite around for some time. Here are some 2019 eye make up trends that will get you excited.

1. Multiple Contrasting Eye Shadows

Trends in eye shadows are shifting from nudes and warm browns to bold and bright pops. Experiment with multiple bright colors including green, pink, purple and yellow all blended for a perfect ideal appearance.

2. Colorful Liquid Eye Liners

While colorful eye liners have been around for decades, they have been refined recently with added pigments for a bolder, brighter eye appearance. It’s also straightforward to swipe them over your eyelids without having to worry about flaking or erasing and retracing which can be very discouraging. They also now come in a broader range of shades including deep blue and bright pink among others which you can choose from. Don’t just be into eyeliner pencils, be creative in your make up and try liquid eyeliners too.

3. Bright Eyes

Bold and bright eyes are still trending in 2019. Make your eyes shine by applying bright pops of color that will blend in perfectly with your dewy facial makeup. An excellent way to bring this out is to use a nude lip and a cool white highlighter paired with intensely loud and bold eye shadow.

4. Color Blocked Eyeliner

Get that cat eye look by applying wings right on top of the other in two different colors. Liquid eyeliner involving white and electric blue shades gives the best results. This multidimensional look is a killer trend in 2019.

5. Metallic Eye Shadows

Metallic eye shadows emerged in 2018 but are expected to trend this year still thanks to the glitter look making the eyes pop. While some ladies might fear that a glitter look resembles a high school cheerleader, it actually rocks if done right. For instance, apply it all over your lid from shimmering sapphire to dusky bronze for a dazzling look.

While these and other makeup trends are intriguing, it’s vital to keep it simple and be you by making your own statement. Always remember that you should be comfortable in any make up you wear for a confident expression.