Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jobs That Are Safe From the Robots

Job safe from robots- Occupational Therapist

The technology is on the verge of reaching a whole new era. Artificial Intelligence is taking over most of the jobs that were operated by humans. And this is very challenging. As people are already facing unemployment issue, it is further going to increase with the forthcoming robot technology.

So, if you are worried that robots are taking over your jobs too, then you should know about the alternatives. You will be amazed to know that 47% of Jobs in the USA is at a big risk of automation and it seems like most of the jobs will cease to exist in the next 10 to 20 years. Yet there are some jobs that are still safe from robots. Not all white-collar jobs have a solid occupational outlook towards the age of robots.

Normally, the jobs which are at certain risk are the ones that involve repetitive work of machines or software programs. This means that very soon, there will be no need for humans to operate the machines. So, if you are contemplating to change your career, then you should pick up the occupation which is at low risk of falling out. Thus, the obvious choices must be the ones that humans do much better than machines. Whether you are looking for Jobs in the UK, USA, Canada, or any other part of the world, you need to identify the three aspects that will never change in the working field.

  • Manipulation and Perception: Manual dexterity and the necessity of working in awkward spaces can only be done by humans.
  • Creative Intelligence: Fine arts and original pieces will require a creative human mind, not a program.
  • Social Intelligence: Social perceptiveness, negotiations, persuasion, and caring for others.

After looking at these points, it will become easier for you to choose a job. So, here are some exact recommendations for you to make sure that you survive in the robotic era.

1: Recreational Therapists:

This line of work creates and administers recreation based programs on a small scale or big scale according to requirements. Typically, they work in arts, sports, music, games, and similar fields. The main requirement of this profile is in hospitals, retirement communities, parks, and recreational departments too. You only need a certified Bachelor’s degree to qualify for this job. So, if you are interested in this profile, then you should try looking for a job with Joblang. You can get an average salary of $47,680 per annum with 7% occupational outlook.

2: First-Line Supervisors, Installation and Repair Works:

This job profile will work in developing and under-developed countries. These countries need manual workers and hence you can look for Jobs in Australia. The people in this occupation will handle automobile repairs, local government dealers, electric power generation, construction, and natural gas. For this profile, you only need a high-school diploma and on-field-training. In this line, you can earn almost $64,780 per annum.

3: Emergency Management Directors:

You will find this profile on Joblang very easily. Every company needs someone who can work in extreme pressure and plan for disastrous situations. This profile will coordinate between agencies under official emergency situations. People can earn over $72,760 with this profile. In addition, it has an occupational outlook of 8% in the upcoming decades.

4: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers:

This job profile is very unlikely to get out of trend or requirements for human involvement. You will need a lot of educational qualification to acquire this profile but once you’ve got this job, you can be sure that robots won’t overtake this line. There are many people who are searching for this kind of Jobs in Canada as it can pay you $47,980 while you are making a difference in other people’s life.

5: Occupational Therapist:

The OTs helps the patient to regain their skills to live an independent life. As this profile requires higher qualification and proper license not a lot of people are choosing it. But you can turn to this kind of jobs in the USA as it is growing at a faster pace. In addition, you can earn over $ 83,200 per annum with an occupational outlook of 24% in the next two decades.

6: Orthotists and Prosthetists:

You might come across a lot of jobs in the UK with this profile. They deal with artificial limbs and other medical devices to help patients regain mobility. The occupational outlook for this job increasing at a faster rate as there is a big part of the population getting old and sick. Plus, the professionals of this line can easily earn up to $66,240 per annum.

7: Healthcare Social Workers:

Online platforms like Joblang will give you the perfect opportunity to join a line of work which is most likely to stick with humans. Healthcare professionals are often available in hospitals which perform case management. The people of this field help patients and families to navigate through the healthcare system. You will need a master’s degree and license to operate in this field. And you will earn almost $ 47,980 a year with this job. But in the upcoming years, the earning will increase as this occupation has an outlook of 16% for the next two decades.


All the above-listed professions are categorized properly with the low potential for automation. And the Healthcare profession seems like the best one to join.  As this job require care, social perceptiveness, and dexterity, it is vital that a sentient being handle the work. Humans are the ones that can get creative and negotiate in the best possible way and therefore, humans are the most obvious choice for it.

With Joblang, you can easily find a job near you which help you stay put in the robotic era. But you can also think of Audiologists, prevention workers, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, etc. to pursue a future. These profiles require a different skill set that is much easier for a human to acquire. Thus, the only jobs that are safe from robots are the one which requires special training and education. So, plan carefully and you won’t have to make a big shift in the interests and priorities.