Thursday, March 4, 2021
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3 MakeUp Schools To Consider For a Professional Career

Makeup teacher helping students training to become makeup artist

These days, professional makeup artists are in high demand. Cosmetology careers can make great money and give you a chance to do something you love. Makeup artists are needed in the entertainment industry for cinema or TV productions as well as for special events like weddings. There are many possibilities in this career field if you go to school and get the proper training. These are some of the best makeup schools in the country:

CMC Makeup School

CMC has locations throughout the Texas area including campuses in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. What sets this school apart from others is that they train you for both working in the industry and being your own freelancer. The school has overwhelming positive reviews. Each student gets their own professional makeup kit as well.

Academy of Glam

If you want to go into fashion and general beauty, consider this the Academy of Glam. With their program you get one-on-one mentoring as well as the ability to build a portfolio with professional pictures taken of the models you work on. This school is based in South Florida.

Cinema Makeup School – Los Angeles

For those wanting to be a professional artist on a movie or TV set, you’ll need to go to school specifically for cinema as the techniques are different. The Cinema Makeup School in LA is one of the most popular in the country. Their 4 week certification program costs $5,390. This school has graduates that went on to win Emmys and Oscars.

For those considering going to school for makeup there are plenty of options out there. Getting the proper training can help get you a career doing makeup professionally for brides, special events, and even for cinema.