Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Eyebrows: Find The Shape that Fits You Best

Abiby Eyebrows Shapes

Your eyebrows make you stand out and compliment the rest of your facial features. Many people understand why it’s so important to pluck and shape their eyebrows, but they don’t know which shape suits them best. You can search through the many different shapes, or choose your eyebrows based on your face shape. Here are the perfect eyebrows for each face type.

Oval Shape

People with oval face shapes are very lucky. If your forehead is only slightly wider than your chin and you have a soft facial curve then you’re one of the lucky ones. You can get away with most hairstyles and eyebrow shapes, so feel free to experiment! However, professionals recommend you try to avoid hard angular brows and focus on a soft brow to compliment your face.

Need some inspiration? Check out Kate Middleton’s eyebrows.

Square Shape

Square face shapes have similarities to oval shapes but they are more angled. Individuals with square faces often have striking features and the right eyebrow shape is essential. If you have a square shape face opt for a strong angular brow to make your features stand out more. Lift the arch and lengthen the tail for maximum effect. Nobody works angular eyebrows like Angelina Jolie.

Round Shape

Round face shapes are widest at the cheekbones and should never have rounded eyebrows. It makes the face look fatter and does nothing for your appearance. If you have a round face your primary aim should be to make it look thinner and longer. Do this by making your brow soft, thin and have an arch in the middle. This will make your face appear longer. Don’t go for angular shapes as they don’t suit rounded faces. Look to Adele for inspiration.

Long Shape

If you’ve got a long face shape, you’ll probably know the burdens of having a larger forehead. However, many celebrities have long faces, including Sarah Jessica Parker. She knows exactly how to make the most of her eyebrows by keeping them flatter and less arched. This makes the face appear shorter and less pronounced.

Heart Shapes

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the cheek and forehead with a narrower chin. If you have this face shape, avoid a high-arched brow at any cost. It’s too dramatic and unbalances your face instead of complimenting it. Go for a rounded brow shape with a low arch to soften your face. Get inspiration from Reese Witherspoon.

The Italian beauty brand Abiby has created this useful image to give you a guide of all the different eyebrows shapes!