Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in the US

people with alcohol addiction in group therapy in rehab

Alcoholism is a deadly condition which has life-long consequences. Anyone suffering from an alcohol addiction should seek treatment. Going without help can cause long-term liver damage, ruin your looks and destroy your life. Alcohol addiction treatment is essential for your recovery. Here are some of the best Alcohol Rehab Centers in the US.

The Recovery Team

This excellent rehab center is located in South Florida and it offers individual treatment plans. Therapy includes 12 step programs, life skills counseling, in-depth therapy, art sessions, and ongoing support once out of the center. Prices depend on your insurance package and the duration of your stay.

Indiana Center for Recovery

The Indiana Center for Recovery is in Bloomington and has a reputation for providing alcohol addiction treatment. The team offers individualized plans and special forms of therapy. This includes cinema therapy, equine therapy, and DBT. The center accepts some insurance plans but lists no details of their fees on the website.

Decision Point

Located in Prescott, Arizona, Decision Point is a bespoke alcohol rehab center with a cure in mind. They offer a range of activities to promote sobriety and encourage family members to engage with therapy sessions. Decision Point is about turning your life around and they offer a range of payment plans.


Texas is the home of SOBA, a brilliant alcohol rehab center in the USA. The center focuses on therapeutic intervention and designs a treatment plan around each individual. They also have specialist EMDR therapy for patients who have been through a trauma. SOBA accept insurance for payment options, and their admissions team will assist you.

Nexus Recovery

Los Angeles has many rehab facilities, but Nexus is the best in the city. They offer a range of unique therapies, including surf therapy, mindfulness training, and yoga therapy. The team focuses on a holistic approach to improve your overall lifestyle and they work with most insurance companies.

Hawaii Island Recovery

Recovering in Hawaii is easy with the Island Recovery center. It’s one of the top-rated centers in the country and treats alcohol addiction. They also offer an evaluation within 24 hours, so emergency treatment is possible. The center combines therapies with holistic practices to promote sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.