Monday, April 12, 2021
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Atopic Dermatitis: Causes and Treatments

young woman with Atopic Dermatitis scratching her arm

Those who have Atopic Dermatitis know how this condition can affect your life. Dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a type of chronic skin inflammation that usually starts in infancy or early childhood. While this condition is common, many don’t know much about the condition or how to treat it.

What Causes Aptopic Dermatitis?

Dermatitis has many causes, but it’s not contagious. The most common cause is allergies. Those who are exposed to pets or food allergens may develop dermatitis. Other causes of this condition include genetics, poor immune system response, and things in the environment. In some cases, the skin barrier may have issues getting rid of germs. If you’re curious about what’s causing yours, be sure to speak to a doctor.

Can it be Cured?

Dermatitis is completely treatable by a medical doctor. The condition can go away permanently but it can return if the irritants are reintroduced. For many people, once the cause is figured out you’ll be able to properly treat it.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Depending on the cause of the condition there are several treatment options. The first is cutting out the chemicals or allergies that may be causing your skin to flare up. The second would be topical creams such as steroid creams or topical antibiotics and lotions.

Atopic Dermatitis is an annoying condition but thankfully there are treatments out there that help. With proper treatment the condition will hopefully disappear and not return. Proper diagnosis is essential to treatment but self treatment can also help you pinpoint the cause.