Friday, August 19, 2022

Where is Villanova University?

photo of Villanova University with bridge and ancient church

Villanova University is a private catholic college located in Villanova, Pennsylvania. Villanova is a suburb of Pittsburgh and just a short drive from downtown. Students from all over the world attend this school due to the fun student life, athletic teams, and the great science programs.

Villanova History

Founded in 1842 as the Augustinian College of Villanova, this college has been around for a long time. Unfortunately it closed in 1845 due to the founding church closing as well. In 1846, it reopened and had its first graduation class in 1847. As time went on, the school went from an all male school to coed when they allowed nuns to take evening classes. In the 20th century, Villanova became a major research institute and prepared students for fields in the sciences.

What is Villanova Known For?

Villanova is known for many things, including being the oldest catholic school in the country! However, most people are familiar with this university due to its presence in athletics. It seems that every year during basketball season Villanova is a major player. The school has around 6500 students which is much less than other big names in athletics, but they compete well and were the NCAA champions of 2018 after defeating Michigan. Villanova University is also known for other great things including being the host of the largest Special Olympics events in the United States.

Overall, Villanova University is an excellent Pennsylvanian school. Its rising popularity means that you may be hearing their name even more as their status grows. And because of their strong athletics presence in NCAA tournaments many people keep eye on Villanova anyway.