Friday, August 19, 2022

Who is Natacha Van Honacker?

Wedding photo of soccer player Eden Hazard and his wife Natacha Van Honacker

We’ve all heard of Eden Hazard. He is one of the top soccer players in Europe right now. He is from Belgium and known for his abilities as an attacking midfielder. Due to his popularity, a lot of fans are wondering about his private life, especially about his wife, Natacha Van Honacker. She hasn’t been in the spotlight, but fans are curious to know more about her and how she and Hazard met and became a couple.

Rare Facts about Natacha Van Honacker

Due to the fact that she is shy and hides from the limelight, little is known about her birth, early life, educational status, and family history. Natacha is from Belgium, just like Hazard. According to several news reports, they met in their teens and formed a lasting relationship. Some speculate that they are high school sweethearts. We do know that they were together before Hazard became a celebrity. She was also a soccer player, so the couple shares the passion for the same sport. They got married in 2012 and were both around the age of 22 at that time. Their first son was born in 2010, their second son in 2013, and their third son in 2015. She is reportedly a lover of chess.

Overall, Natacha Van Honacker is a shy personality behind a great soccer players of our time. In the coming years, it will be interesting to see if she chooses to step into the spotlight more. After all, fans are curious to know more about her and where she comes from! Until then, we will still see her on the sidelines cheering on her husband to more great wins.