Friday, October 23, 2020

5 Reasons You Need To Book a Norwegian Cruise

Snowy mountains and Northern Lights in Norway

A Norwegian cruise is one of the best ways to discover Europe. There are affordable packages that fit almost every budget. Norway is unlike any other country in Europe due to its unique fjords and the Northern Lights, which can be frequently seen in the country. There are many reasons to visit, but here are the top five!

Fresh Caught Salmon

Norway is known for its fresh salmon and amazing quality of fish. If you’re a fish fan, you’ll love the quality you can find in Norway. Norway has many restaurants that serve high quality fish!

View the Northern Lights

In various locations in Norway, you’ll have a great chance to see the Northern Lights. They appear from September to March and are a spectacular sight. As there are only a few places in Europe where you can view the dancing lights, Norway’s tourism industry is centered around the Northern Lights.

Explore the Fjords

The Northern countries are famous for their fjords, and there isn’t anything else like them on earth. These amazing canyon like structures separate the seas and viewing them in person is an experience you’ll remember forever.

See the Arctic Circle

Not many people realize this, but Norway is as far north as Greenland. Many parts of Norway touch the arctic ocean. Due to the northern climate not as many people visit it, but those who do will be rewarded with amazing memories. Taking an arctic cruise or staying in an ice hotel are experiences you’ll never forget. Imagine being on top of the world, literally!

Hike the Arctic Hills

Norway is filled with some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. These trails really set the country apart from other mountain ranges. You’ll have amazing views and see unique wildlife.

Overall, Norway is a must see country. Due to the unique fjords and the Northern Lights, it’s a great destination to discover Europe. Even though Norway is not cheap, many travel agents offer affordable packages.