Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Introducing the Bauhn Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging pad on wooden floor

Bauhn is a brand that offers first-rate technology accessories and products, featuring innovative technology with a sleek and stylish design. Their products comprise features with outstanding quality, giving users an effortless experience.

Over the years, the brand has released countless merchandise in various major electronic areas, for instance, televisions. They’ve also introduced the Bauhn wireless charging pad. Here’s an overview of the product.

The Bauhn Wireless Charging Pad

The Bauhn product  comprises a fast-charge 3.0 charger. The quick charge mode permits charging up to 2 times faster. Another feature is that it’s compatible with Qi-enabled devices and its non-disruptive LEDs signify charger status. The product can also control temperature and prevent short-circuiting.

How Wireless Charging Works

It functions by shifting energy to a receiver from a charger through electromagnetic induction. The charger comprises an induction coil to produce a sporadic electromagnetic field, which the phone’s receiver coil changes back into electricity to feed into the battery.

Typically, they need to be in close proximity and proper alignment is necessary. When using wireless charging, some chargers and most phones heat up slightly where the charging is occurring. However, if it begins getting extremely hot, the battery might be the problem.

If you’re looking to buy a wireless charger consider the following:

  • Your charger and smartphone must support a similar maximum wattage.
  • A wireless charging pad might give quicker charging speeds for Android phones but slow ones for an iPhone. Ensure you examine that.
  • Consider buying a wireless charging pad that has a power adapter. Otherwise, ensure your adapter could handle similar charging standards as the wireless pad.

While wireless charging pads offer great convenience, they aren’t created equal. Therefore, you must recognize the technology nuances to obtain the best product.