Friday, August 19, 2022

What to do with Christmas leftovers?

After a great Christmas dinner, there is always the puzzle left behind by leftovers. Everyone wants to think and come up with recipes or better still, proper ways of not using them on recipes. The following are ways we can make use of them.

Stock the leftovers in the fridge and feast on them the following days. This action is the simplest way you can use the leftovers.  Thanksgiving leftovers are also best useful when frozen to make Christmas snowballs.

Find amazing recipes for both Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers online from many sites. Many sites explain many ways of turning your leftovers into new, tasty meals with just pure creativity. Some turkey recipes you will find will lead you to make casseroles, enchiladas and manicotti and many more five star meals. Others will guide you in making great sauces, salads and more delicacies.

In the world we live in, we are encouraged to exercise the art of giving and sharing, and this could be just what you need when thinking of your leftovers. You can pack them nicely and leave them on your stoop. Someone might appreciate your sweet gesture.