Friday, December 9, 2022

Water Filtration Systems: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Water filtration is the removal of harmful particles suspended in water. Impure water can host disease-causing agents or constituents that can harm humans, animals or aquatic life.

A water filtration system uses physical membrane filters, chemical or biological processes to cleanse water. The level of filtration required depends on the extent to which the water is contaminated.

According to research done by EPA, about 63% of Americans are concerned about the aging federal water purification systems. It further suggested that the government needs to invest approximately $384 billion to replace and upgrade these water purification systems, including the underground pipes.

Another survey conducted on 1000 Americans by NSF International revealed that, out of the 71% that drink tap water, at least 55% worry about what they are drinking. Unfortunately, only a few admitted to purifying the water any further.

How to Filter Tap Water

Many water bottling companies have made a fortune after making us suspicious of our tap water. The good news is that, if tap water is keenly purified, it becomes just as good as bottled water without the added minerals.

There are several point-of-use water filtration systems that we can use to filter our tap water. The most common include:

  1. Micro-porous Ceramic Filters

This is a flask-like portable system that relies on the small pore sizes of a ceramic material to filter particles and bacteria out of the water.


  1. Granular Activated Carbon Filters

This type of filters uses processed fine charcoal with a high degree of micro-porosity. The water that filtrates through is very crystal clear and safe for consumption.

  1. Depth Filters

Depth filters use a porous filtration medium that is placed at intervals throughout the water holding container. It is most suitable for highly contaminated water.



While water filtration systems may not eradicate all harmful contaminants, they definitely make the water safer for consumption. When buying a water filtration system, make sure it‘s approved by a safety body like NSF International. Drinking clean water every day is a vital step in staying healthy.