Monday, April 12, 2021
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The Best BB Creams for Your Skin

BB creams are secret weapons for many women. They act as a moisturizer and foundation to provide light yet effective skin coverage. They also offer SPF protection and are perfect for women with skin issues. Not all BB creams are made equal though, so here are some of the best around for your skin.

Dry Skin 

People with dry skin often find it difficult to keep up with constant moisturizing routines. It’s true that applying foundation can result in a “caked” look and make our skin feel heavy and sore. This is where BB creams are an excellent alternative. They provide great coverage but keep the skin hydrated and moisturized at all times. If you suffer from dry skin, then try these BB creams:

  • Bobbi Brown has a range of creams for different skin tones. Her makeup range is perfect for difficult skin.
  • Aveeno are known for their superior moisturizers, which feel great on the skin. It’s only natural that their BB creams offer a huge moisture boost.

Ultimately, people with dry skin should search for BB creams that promote hydration and offer higher SPF protection.

Oily Skin

The curse of oily skin is something many are familiar with, and hot weather can often leave us with a melted makeup look. There are many BB creams which are designed specifically for oily skin including:

  • La Roche Possay has a range of specially designed products which soak the skin’s oil.
  • Covergirl has a fantastic range of products for individuals with oily skin.

The best thing to do is check out online reviews to decide which product is ideal for you. Your skin is important, to treat it with the best products for maximum results.