Friday, August 19, 2022

Printing Canvas Photos: Everything you need to know

Printing Canvas Photos

Canvas printing is a great way to display photographs and artwork. This technology prints high-resolution images onto a canvas surface, a medium that is a professional and sophisticated alternative to paper. This guide outlines a few of the leading canvas printing services so that you can find one that will make your images look great.

Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop is one of the most popular canvas printing services. They use high-quality canvas materials, but their service goes far beyond that. They offer plenty of support and provide a personal designer who will help you adjust your image – this will make your image look just right when it is finally printed. Prices start at $33.

Canvas Champ

Canvas Champ is another popular canvas printing service, and it usually offers low prices. The service uses relatively low-quality canvas, but this makes Canvas Champ an affordable solution – especially if you need to print a large batch of canvases at once. Regular prices start at $61.40, although the service often provides discounts that drive prices as low as $4.30. 


 iCanvas provides a balance between quality, price, and ease of use. The service doesn’t require you to do much more than upload a photo, although it does require that your images are above a certain size. After that, the canvas is quickly printed and shipped, making iCanvas a good choice for people who simply need a photo printed fast.


Pictorem is a service that aims to provide as many different canvas materials as possible. In addition to regular canvas, they can also print onto acrylic and metal surfaces, which will give your photos a distinctive look. Pictorem can create extremely large canvases, and they use high-quality ink in order to provide a product that is on par with museum and gallery standards. Pictorem’s prices start at $19.