Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Best Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can make your home or building a more comfortable place to live by cleaning the air in various ways. Not only do they remove bad odors via carbon filters, they also prevent mold, collect harmful air particles, and eliminate dust and pollen. They are useful if you have allergies or sensitivities, especially if they include a high-quality HEPA filter. Here are a few leading brands.


Whirlpool is one of the largest names in appliances. This brand is a good choice if you need a basic, affordable unit with few special features. Models from this brand range in price from $100 to $350. Whirlpool products generally come with a five-year warranty, making replacement a possibility if something goes wrong.


Honeywell is another big name in appliances. This brand provides low-priced, consumer-grade air purifiers ranging from approximately $60 to $250. These products have a wide range of HEPA filtration abilities, and they come with different warranties, so the amount of money that you spend may determine the quality of the product you get.


Dyson is another leading brand of air purifiers. This brand has a focus on room temperature: the Dyson product line includes air purifiers that double as cooling fans and heating appliances. This means that Dyson air purifiers change their function depending on the environment. Dyson’s prices vary greatly, but their products generally include a two-year warranty.

Germ Guardian

As the name suggests, Germ Guardian focuses on eliminating contagious bugs as well as eliminating airborne particles. Like most air purifiers, Germ Guardian models use a HEPA filter to capture particles, but they also include UV lights in order to kill bacteria. Prices for this brand range between $80 and $400.

Austin Air

Austin Air is a very expensive brand, and it targets customers who suffer from extreme sensitivity. Their products manage odors and chemicals and boast a long filter life. However, this  brand will cost you a significant amount of money: prices range from $375 to $765, typically with a five-year warranty.