Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Best Safe Baby Products

New parents naturally want to keep their babies safe, and purchasing safe childcare products is a major part of fulfilling that instinct. Bath products, seats and strollers, toys, and food can all carry risks for your baby. All of these are essential items, and it’s important to pay close attention their quality.

Fortunately, major childcare brands have published details about the safety standards that they live up to. In this article, a number of leading brands will be laid out so that you can ensure that your baby gets the safest and most reliable care you can provide.

Johnson & Johnson

 Johnson & Johnson is a leading producer of baby lotions, soaps, creams, and other items. The company’s range of products encompasses everything from bath products to skin care items. Babies can be extremely sensitive to these types of products, and Johnson & Johnson adheres to strict safety practices.

The company screens raw material and ingredients for dangerous substances, and they thoroughly assess their own formulas. They also test their products on people, and if a product produces a bad reaction, they stop testing and reformulate a safer product.


 Gerber is owned by Nestlé, and the two groups manufacture widely-recognized baby food products and infant formulas. Nestlé’s research facility, located in Switzerland, carries out nutritional research to ensure that babies are fed healthy products.

Gerber also works with doctors and other medical professionals to evaluate what infants and children can safely eat as they grow up. The Gerber Milestone Symbols system helps parents decide what food can be safely eaten by their baby.


Fisher-Price builds toys and gear for babies and toddlers. The company has existed for more than eighty years, and it has been designing safe products since day one. Each toy and product is subject to safety measures as soon as a design concept is produced.

Quality engineers work with design groups to ensure that formal standards are met and to ensure that parents’ safety expectations are catered to. Fisher-Price also carries out plenty of testing to ensure that their products are safe, especially over time: toys and baby gear need to stay safe as they are passed down and worn out.


Graco creates seats for babies, such as high chairs, booster seats, jumpers, and rockers. The company also produces car seats and strollers. Their safety measures are most rigorously applied to car seats: the company owns a crash test facility in Atlanta, Georgia, where it ensures that Graco car seats meet U.S. safety standards.

During safety testing, Graco ensures that their car seats meet various temperature, impact, and fitting standards. In addition, over ninety passenger safety technicians are deployed worldwide to ensure that Graco car seats are installed safely by parents. The company also provides safe installation and use instructions on their website.