Thursday, September 29, 2022

Best SAD Lamps for Winter

SAD is a type of depression, set off by short days and long nights and sufferers usually struggle with lethargy, low mood, and restless sleep. Fortunately, certain devices make up for the daylight shortage by providing light therapy through various devices.

Light boxes for seasonal affective disorder generate light that mimics natural instead of artificial light. Bear in mind that the light box must be medically certified to treat the disorder and it should emit a minimum of 2,500 lux to be fully effective. Here’s a list of options to consider.

Northern Light Technology

At 25 inches tall, the light is on the larger size but you can modify its height so it appears less cumbersome. The advantage of this model is that you can adjust it to angle downward over the eyes to eliminate glare. You can purchase it at $189.99.

Naturebright L6060 Per2

You can program the alarm clock and lamp to turn on gradually, which is excellent if you typically wake up before the sunrise. Throughout the day, the light will change from cool to warm white light in order to mimic a day. You can obtain it at $239.31

Philips Energy Light

The light has five intensity levels and the highest one measures 10,000 lux, which experts recommend you must aim for. Since you have to use a SAD light consistently to reap the benefits, the advantage of this light is that it connects to a smartphone app, enabling you to track your progress.

Light therapy is one method of decreasing SAD symptoms. However, you must keep significant criteria in mind when buying a SAD light. This guide will prove invaluable if you don’t know where to start.