Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Men’s Hair Restoration

As part of the natural aging process, there is always a time in a man’s life that he is expected to lose hair. Luckily, technology has brought various methods and products to help slow down the process and restore hair. And while hair loss seems inevitable, it is to be noted that there are times it is an indication of something worse, like a scalp problem, autoimmune disease or a thyroid disorder amongst others which is why it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before embarking on a restoration process. The following are available ways of restoring a man’s hair apart from healthy diets; ranging from products to surgeries.


This is an FDA approved medication that you can buy over the counter and apply daily. Also called Rogaine, it helps slow down hair loss and for some, re-grow hair, but only for as long as there is continued use. It retails at $42 at Walmart.


Also known as Propecia, it is approved by the FDA and can be used once prescribed. It helps slow down hair loss and also re-grow hair. At $29 from Hims, take one pill a day and you are guaranteed of positive results.

HairMax Prima7 LaserComb

The laser comb, retailing at around $195 and approved by the FDA in 2009, supposedly grows hair by distributing laser light to the scalp which then stimulates hair follicles for growth.

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair implantation in the US is in the range of $7000, often calculated by the number of grafts needed. There are two ways this method is popularly done, and putting into consideration your individual case, your doctor will determine which, between Follicular Unit Grafting and Follicular Unit Extraction, will work best for you.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

This is a method used to add fullness to thinning hair and re-grow hair by using your own blood. Averagely, the therapy costs around $2100.

Scalp Micro pigmentation

Costing about $4200, this treatment features tiny dots tattooed on your scalp to disguise hair loss affected areas.