Friday, June 2, 2023

How to Become an Uber Driver

Since its inception in 2009, Uber has grown enormously to be the worldwide leading provider of peer-to-peer ridesharing taxi services. With its speedy enormous growth, many people worldwide including students are making a living by being uber drivers earning over 100 dollars a day. Additionally, if you choose instead to work with Lyft, for instance, can earn you a guaranteed $2300 in your first month. Becoming an Uber driver comes with many benefits including employment flexibility as you are able to set your own working or how many rideshare requests you are able to comfortably achieve in a day without much pressure from your boss.

Uber does not only benefit its drivers but also, it’s users(passengers) who are able to efficiently and amply request a ride whenever they need transportation regardless of time of the day or night.  With so much said, how do you become an Uber driver and utilize such a great non-stressful incoming generating activity? Well, you just have to follow the simple steps below.

Establish if the Uber Driving Opportunity Suits You

The first step would be to find out whether you are well well-matched with becoming an Uber driver as some people may lack the qualities or skills required to be an Uber driver. While most people would skip this vital step considering getting paid for just driving around and interacting with various people, it is essential to thoroughly scrutinize your personality to match that of a professional driver.

For instance, establish if you are able to drive comfortably in various parts of the city you are well aware of. Also, since you would be interacting with numerous people of different personalities and behaviors, it is crucial to learn customer service ethics along with developing patience as you would sometimes be interacting with rude, abusive or boisterous passengers. If for example, you are an introvert, you may have a difficult time interacting with your passengers and you would need to get along such shortcomings to realize enormous returns with Uber.

Meeting Uber Legal & Vehicle Requirements

Before being accepted as an Uber driver, there are a number of legal requirements you must meet. They include the following:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have at least 3 years driving experience.
  • You must have an insured car that meets Uber’s vehicle requirements
  • Have no criminal record
  • Possess a clean driving record with a current in-state driver’s license and Social Security number.

Insurance Type and Driver’s License Required by Uber

Depending on your state, Uber provides some sort of car insurance coverage provided you carrying a passenger and you are logged in to their app. Uber offers possible passengers who are logged in to the app awaiting a driver’s response with a contingent liability with 50/100/25 limits. Subsequently, when a passenger is en route to their destination, Uber offers commercial liability insurance along with contingent comprehensive and collision coverage.

Insurance Type and Driver’s License Required by Lfyt

Lyft has similar requirements, you must be 21 years old, a driving record check, a general background check, and a current and valid driver’s license, valid plates with current registration, and a current valid insurance with your name on the policy. Some cities and states require drivers to have in-state documents, but this varies from state to state. There are some other requirements, but these vary between states.

Uber Vehicle Requirements

Uber has a number of vehicle requirements depending on the type of services you would like to offer. Uber offers a variety of transportation services categories depending on the customer’s needs and specifications, therefore, your car must meet each categories specification. Some of these categories include:

  • UberLUX-Consist of luxury vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, and others.
  • UberSUV- A Combination of UberXL and UberSELECT and features high-end SUVs
  • UberSELECT- Features lower levels mid-to-full-size luxury vehicles with leather interiors
  • UberTAXI-Normal Taxi services
  • UberXL-Features larger vehicles such as mini-vans or SUVs with the ability to accommodate more than 6 passengers
  • UberX- The most basic category consisting of any four-door vehicle
  • UberPOOL- An arrangement where different passengers can be transported in the same car with a much lower cost.

The Application Process

After ensuring you have met all Uber’s requirements, the next step is the application process where you submit all your paperwork through the Uber’s website. Some of the copies of documents you would need to submit includes:

  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Photos of the vehicle exterior
  • Photos of the vehicle interior.

After submitting your paper, the next step is to wait for some time where Uber will approve your Driver’s account by completing a background check on your documentation

Establish your Working Schedule and Start Driving

After your application has been accepted by Uber, by will be required to download the Uber driver app and start accepting a ride request. You can establish your working schedule by identifying the best time of the day or night to drive, for instance during peak hours or late hours. Always ensure that your car is close to potential clients or at strategic places in a city since the driver closest to a rider automatically receives the trip request which pops up on the app. Uber drivers are paid through direct deposit to the provided bank account number. The payment is based on the number of rides a driver is able to provide to customers in a single day.


Being an Uber driver can be a great side hustle especially for students or individuals who would like to boost their income. Additionally, you get to choose your working hours based on your schedule hence providing a flexible form of employment.