Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Medical billing software

Much has changed over the last few decades, especially in the medical field. It wasn’t so long ago that the number of options available to a sick person was little better than it had been for thousands of years. Now of course there are a plethora of options for nearly every conceivable ailment. Just like the treatments have changed, so have the methods by which the business side of things is kept running. Medical billing software can simplify the billing process, meaning your staff can get back to what matters most. But, which are best?


MDconnection is a web-based software for medical practice management. It’s designed to work best for a single physician, or a small group of them.  The software offers scheduling, code scrubbing, billing and patient management and reporting. It also integrates with PatientConnection to allow online insurance verification, patient registration and other helpful functions to make things smoother for you.

The software is designed in a way that each user can customize it to fit their individual needs. The software is also available in three different series (Scheduler, Elite and Billing) to suit your companies individual needs. MDconnection can be purchased through the company website, and generally costs around $199 per provider per month.


MedEZ is an electronic health record and billing site suitable for most medical facilities, though it’s particularly well suited for substance abuse rehabilitation and behavioral health centres.  The program features a daily scheduler, to do task pad, single and multiple doctor scheduling screens, email and text notification abilities, resource schedules and a waiting list.

The program also offers HIPAA compliant patient records and documentation, and you’ll be able to create hard-copy as well as electronic claims in CMS1450 and CMS1500 formats.

The program can be purchased through the company website.  The Lite version can be bought for $45/user/month, or the Enterprise version can be bought outright for $2500.


Eclipse is one of the earliest medical billing softwares that was developed. It was first made way back in 1985 by a chiropractor and a software developer. The fact that it was such a small team, and one of the team was the end user, meant that they were able to put exactly what was needed into the program. It was the first program to run natively on Windows, as well as the first to introduce case management under a single ID number.

They haven’t just been sitting around since then though. Some of their latest innovations include real time data flow, which displays changes to every user currently working with a chart. They’re also Ingenix certified for HIPAA mandated electronic claims. The program can be acquired through Eclipse’s website.

Intergy by Greenway Health Software

Intergy is part of the Greenway Health site.  It’s available as both a web-based, and on-premise software. It’s suitable fo practices of all types.  It’s a clinically driven practice management system that allows you do to everything you need to do in regards to billing.

One of the features that makes it stand out is it’s optional claim scrubbing application. This allows you to review an insurance claim before you’ve even sent it in. The program also has an automated eligibility verification feature. This allows office staff to easily confirm a patient’s coverage right at check in.

Intergy is available through the Greenway Health website for various prices depending on which options you select.


WebPT is a cloud based platform for outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy clinics. It’s an electronic medical records system that enables therapists to store documentation as well as send medical records via fax or a HIPPA compliant portal.

The platform also includes insight reporting, compliance safeguards and customizable evaluation templates. Customers can also add automated appointment reminders, file storage, patient scheduling, outcomes tracking and a home exercise program within the core product. You’ll also have access to patient engagement and relationship management tools and multiple billing integrations.

You can find the software through the companies website. Plans start at $59/month/provider.


Insync is a software designed for both single physicians and larger practices. One of it’s big selling points is that it integrates both EMR and PM. This eliminates the need for duplicate records and smooths out the workflow process throughout the clinic.

The program also has such features as e-prescribing, scheduling calendars, electronic claims submission, and quick physical exam charts. The interface has been designed to be intuitive, meaning it’s easy to learn. It’s also extremely customizable, allowing you to add whatever it is you need to make things run smoothly.

The best way to get the software is to check out the company website. There are options to either outright buy the software, or pay via subscription starting at $195/month.