Wednesday, March 20, 2019

DUI Attorney Help

From arrest to resolution, a DUI charge can take anywhere from around 6 months up to a full year to resolve and might set you back more than $6,000 in legal and other fees. If you’re facing DUI charges, it pays to know the costs involved and benefits of having a dedicated DUI attorney on your side.

Generally speaking its never a good idea to represent yourself for any kind of criminal legal proceedings, even if you have the requisite legal knowledge (which, let’s face it, most of us don’t). Lawyers are expensive but having a DUI charge follow you around for the rest of your life isn’t a happy alternative.

You’re more likely to come out with a lesser conviction if you hire private representation and in some cases a lawyer is able to argue for non-DUI offenses meaning your insurance premiums are less likely to be affected, or the resulting increase in payments or premiums might be less than if you received a DUI conviction.

Private legal counsel might also help you to get an agreement that sees you retain license or driving privileges even if you are convicted. If you need to drive for work or childcare duties, your own lawyer will know how to argue for the best results.

Keep in mind as well that although the cost of a private lawyer can be high upfront, it may work out more economically in the long run. High fines will have a significant financial impact and if you were to be sentenced to jail time, this will without doubt lead to loss of income. It might seem like a massive expense but a private defence lawyer could mitigate costs for you in the long run.