Monday, April 12, 2021

How to Spend a Beer-Themed Weekend in Munich

How to Spend a Beer-Themed Weekend in Munich

Munich is renowned as being the capital of Bavaria. It is the place where you can revel at centuries-old buildings and discover interesting, engrossing museums, which transport you to the rich past of this beautiful region. At the same time, though, Munich is the place in which you can enjoy delicious, savory food and, of course, beer. If you are a renowned fan of this beverage, Munich is the place for you – you should consider booking your plane ticket and Munich airport taxi right away.

This city really gets to shine during its annual Oktoberfest – which is a three-week folk festival that celebrates the region’s beer culture. Nevertheless, even if you don’t manage to book your trip there during this time frame, there are still many ways in which you can enjoy this city and spend a traditional beer-themed weekend in Bavaria. Here’s what shouldn’t miss from your itinerary.

Visit Some of the Many Beer Halls

Since Munich boasts with its astounding beer tradition, it makes sense that there are numerous beer halls you could visit – right? Since the locals really praise beer and what it stands for, you should take the time to visit the beer halls in Munich. You might be surprised to find out that they are usually set in unique locations that make you feel as if you’re participating to a celebration in the medieval time.

Typically, beer halls overflow with a wide diversity of Bavarian foods. Evidently, various beer assortments are ever-present, as well. In fact, some are even brewed on-site, which makes the experience even more remarkable. Some of the best beers you can taste in Munich are at Hofbrauhaus München or Augustiner-Keller. Nevertheless, to be frank, almost each brewery based in Munich is worth visiting.

Visit A Beer Garden

Moving on, the fact that there are numerous beer gardens in Munich is another celebration of the city’s beer tradition. Essentially, beer gardens are located outdoors, being the alternative of beer halls. To get a sense of how far off this tradition goes, you should know that the beer garden decree was given on the 4th of January, in 1812. It was then when the grounds for this unique Bavarian tradition were laid.

The decree of 1812 is actually the foundation for the custom that invites guests to come with their own food and consume it there free of charge. This concept might seem odd to visitors, but it is actually representative. Even today, it is a widespread tradition that symbolizes Bavarian tolerance, conviviality and informality. It is mandatory to go to a beer garden, especially if you’re visiting Munich in the summertime – the atmosphere in such a place is definitely unique and evocative of the past.

These being said, it is crystal clear that beer is an irreplaceable part of Bavaria’s rich tradition. So, make sure you factor this in before booking your airport transfers Munich for your upcoming visit to the city. You won’t be sorry – quite the opposite.