Sunday, November 29, 2020

2019 Jeep Lineup – Find the best Cars by Jeep Motors

2019 Jeep Lineup - Find the best Cars by Jeep Motors

A Jeep is one of the most iconic cars on the road. With its tall stature and its all wheel drive, everyone respects a Jeep as a well built and reliable car. Jeep motors recently put out its 2019 Jeep lineup and fans of this iconic car are very excited. Here are the cars in this new lineup:

Jeep Wrangler – TBD

The most iconic Jeep there is was redesigned and updated for the 2019 lineup. This year, there are rumors that a diesel option will be available. That is an incredible update that has many fans excited, as diesel is better on gas. There are also updates on trim. Right now, all the details are not known so the price is still a mystery.

Jeep Cherokee – $24,200 MSRP

The classic Jeep Cherokee is back for 2019 and better than ever. This rugged SUV is also a classic made by Jeep and has an updated engine that will bring in around 30MPG on the highway, which is the first time a Jeep Cherokee broke the 30 MPG mark. However, not much else has changed.

Jeep Renagade – $27,295

Right now very little is known about the new Renegade. There are some rumors of a panoramic sunroof, but not that much is known. What we do know is that the Renegade will return in 2019 and many fans are very curious about what is coming.

Jeep Compass – $21,595

Another great Jeep SUV, the Compass is an affordable sport utility vehicle that will be renewed for 2019. While not much is known about this model yet, many Jeep fans are hoping for some updated features after the last Jeep Compass model didn’t meet the needs of its drivers.

If you are thinking of buying a Jeep, there are limited options to choose from. However, Jeep motors makes cars tailored to their specific audience. If you are a fan of the car, you are probably very excited about this new Jeep Lineup!