Monday, June 1, 2020

See the New 2019 Honda Lineup by Honda Motors

See the New 2019 Honda Lineup by Honda Motors

Every year when Honda Motors releases their new lineup, many people are blown away by the technological advances Honda seems to make every year. This new 2019 Honda lineup is just as rewarding as ever. While there aren’t many changes for the usual models, the new Honda Insight is something that has fans very excited.

Honda CR-V – $28,290

One of the most popular SUVs of all time, the 2019 CR-V, holds up to the usual standard. While not much has changed since the 2018 model, there wasn’t much to change. With around 28MPG and a 4-Cylinder engine, it is the perfect car for city or country driving. And it does have all wheel drive!

Honda Pilot – $31,450

The perfect SUV for families, the new 2019 Pilot is an updated version of the classic SUV we all know and love. Compared to other SUVs in this class, it is one of the most reliable and affordable models. Because of this, it really can’t be beat! It has an updated luxury feel, and the usual AWD and V6 engine give fans of this car some familiarity.

Honda Insight – $22,830

Nicknamed the best hybrid you can buy, the new Insight is the most anticipated 2019 model. With 55 MPG and a 1.5l 4-Cylinder engine, there isn’t much of a sport car here, but that isn’t the point. This car was made for city commuters who are concerned about conserving gas and this car does just that! But many are shocked that this car doesn’t feel like a hybrid at all, making it a great casual car choice.

Honda Accord – $24,460

There is not yet an official release for the most popular Honda sedan. We are expecting to hear back in fall of 2018. Unfortunately, there are no rumors about what this redesigned Honda accord will be like. However, we do know it will be a great car!

Honda Motors is known for their well engineered, well made, and reasonably priced cars. The 2019 Honda lineup is no exception to that. If you are looking for a new car that will last, make sure to give Honda a try!