Friday, August 19, 2022

A Look into the 2019 Toyota Lineup – See the top Toyota Cars

A Look into the 2019 Toyota Lineup - See the top Toyota Cars

Now that 2018 is half way over, the 2019 Toyota lineup is hitting the dealerships. If you have never driven a Toyota, you are missing out. Not only are these cars powerful, but they last longer on the road than any other vehicle. Toyota cars are made to last, so getting one is always a great choice. Here are the top 4 new Toyota models coming out this year.

2019 Toyota Camry – $23,845

Available in hybrid or standard form, the 2019 Camry is the perfect mid size sedan for families or commuters. With a five star safety rating and up to 300 horsepower, this Camry certainly packs a punch.

2019 Toyota Corolla – $18,700

A compact car for those who want something reliable and good on gas, look no further than the 2019 Corolla. The standard model is affordable and this car can get up to 45 miles per gallon. This model may also be set with a CVT transmission and a brand new form of transmission that is more reliable and better on gas than previous automatics.

2019 Toyota Tacoma – $18,700

If you need a truck, the 2019 Tacoma may be the best truck available. Highly anticipated, the Tacoma is rumored to have a TRD desert air intake, something that makes it the best in its class. While it is not for sale yet, it will be announced soon with a full set of features.

2019 Toyota 4Runner – $34,910

Known for its size, durability, and luxury style, the new 4Runner model was announced at the Chicago auto show just a few months ago. This year is the first time that this model is getting a huge overhaul. It was last redesigned in 2010 and in 2019, the next version will be available with new luxury trip and engine features.

If you are looking for a great car, look no further than the 2019 Toyota lineup. With many different options to pick from, you can find a car that suits you. Toyota cars are known for their reliability and endurance, making a Toyota the best option for your next new vehicle.