Monday, April 12, 2021

Alcohol rehab insurance

There is nothing that comes out better for people struggling with alcohol addiction than knowing that your insurance provider will be able to cater for the costs of rehabilitation facilities. For the longest time, this type of addiction has lacked the attention it deserves when it comes to matters treatment, and signing up for a policy that will assist in its treatment is quickly becoming popular owing to the high rise in the problem among many Americans. The following are some of the best insurance policies that are currently offering assistance for alcohol rehabilitation that will work for you or your loved ones;

Blue Cross Blue Shield

It is no doubt one of the biggest insurance providers in the country, and hence, one of the cheerleaders in the alcohol rehabilitation plans. Accepted in all states, BCBS will help you choose a rehab center that offers excellent services at a reasonable cost. Their various plans determine how much they cover for your treatment.


They provide either partial or whole coverage for alcohol addiction treatment. How much they cover is wholly dependent on your plan, location, as well as the rehab center.


Humana provides coverage, either partial or whole, depending on your plan. Their coverage includes inpatient, outpatient or residential treatments. Provided your needs meet the treatments as mentioned earlier, the plan you choose will decide how much Human pays.

Other insurance companies include Health Net, Beacon Health Options, United Healthcare, and Cigna among others, whose coverage, either partial or whole, depends on your plans after deductibles.