Monday, April 12, 2021

How You Can End Hunger With Just $1

Yes, you read right. Just one dollar a month can provide ten meals for families facing extreme hunger. Poverty is a huge issue in the USA, with one in eight people struggling with hunger on a daily basis. However, many organizations are fighting to help children get a healthy meal.

Fighting For Families

The biggest organization in the USA is Feeding America. The company supports families by providing them with meals they cannot afford. With 200 food banks across the country Feeding America supplied families with 3.6 billion meals each year. They also have food pantries where people can go to get food or mobile food units which travel to high need areas.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can contribute to ending child hunger across the US. If you have some spare time then you can volunteer at one of the many food banks. Alternatively, you can donate each month to ensure the food banks remain fully stocked. The current economy means nobody is safe from potential poverty and your time and donations can make a huge difference to families suffering from the effects of hunger.

The World Food Programme

The United Nations programme works to end hunger across the world by supplying impoverished communities with regular meals or tools for cooking and farming. Africa is continuously battling poverty and families suffering from HIV/Aids are at the greatest risk of extreme hunger. By supping nutritious meals and educating people about nutrition the World Food Programme is attempting to battle these issues. They also work across the USA to supply children with food.

Make A Difference

You can become a ZeroHunger Hero for as little as $10 a month, which supplies children in impoverished countries with high-energy biscuits. Their packed with nutrients and provide youths with the sustenance they require to function at school every day.

In order to combat hunger people must work together. A small amount of money each month can improve the lives of people in the USA and around the world. The companies fighting poverty need all the help they can get, so make a difference today.