Thursday, June 4, 2020

Top 7 Best Theme Park Attractions in the US

Every weekend and holidays individual families, couples, and solos need somewhere to spend time enjoying. Around the United States of America, there are many theme park attractions where you can visit and enjoy yourself. Getting the right result can be challenging and that is why an insight about the top best theme park attractions in the United States is essential.

Some people believe the myth that theme park attractions are areas of teenagers and children interaction but all that is a lie. Everyone young or old can visit the parks and enjoy the coolest services availed like hiking and riding over the land and on water.

The names used to describe the theme park attractions get modeled from movies, water parks, toys and other publicly known physical features. The quality of service and amount of space available in such areas determines the number of people visiting such areas. Since these are recreational areas, other related facilities such as hotels, motels, restaurants, and resorts are available in the theme park attraction areas. The top 7 best theme park attractions in the US includes;

Disneyland Theme Park Attraction

Disneyland theme park is the right place for parents to take their children during the summer period. The park has all common riding activities and gives you a great experience with extensive land for riding. The exterior streets contain hotels, restaurants, and shops which give you choices to do your shopping. The property gives room for families, young children, teenagers couples and the aged giving everyone great experiences. The greatest Disneyland in Anaheim California gives one great experience that connects them to the extensive experiences with the young ones developing innovative minds. Next time you think of great theme park attraction for your family choose Disneyland for great services within one region.

Universal Islands of Adventure Theme Park

The universal Island of Adventure theme park attraction just like the Disneyland has great riding experiences. In this land, you will enjoy wizarding of non-alcoholic drinks like butterbeer. The experience isn’t limited to wizarding and riding, but other skills like 3D riding which comes following the roller coasters. There are other activities available like restaurants for fast food and nightlife which ensures you happily spend time with your family around the pack. The environment around the adventure theme park is friendly, and despite the significant number of people in the park you will enjoy and get chance to see the great feature available.

Schlitterbahn Water Theme Park

Schlitterbahn water park lies in the extensive land of about 65 acres. It stands out as the best water park in the United States (US) over the past 13 years. If you’re the group who loves water riding, swimming and gaming Schlitterbahn water theme park is the right place to go. You can get exclusive over an uphill water coaster riding. There are beaches for swimming and ready network for surfing and many more recreational facilities. Take your family to Schlitterbahn water theme park and spend time together in the beaches having fun.

Kings Island

Kings Island also ranks among the top seven theme park attractions in the US with more than three million visitors in a single year. The snoopy Island and the Boomerang Bay form the basic attractions that draw tourists and families to visit the place. Kings Island has great family-friendly attractions that keep every member of the family involved while participating in the leisure experience around the park. Just like the other theme park attractions, the site has other additional experience people enjoy in the park like restaurant services. All the expenses of visited areas like the Boomerang Bay add to the total amount one pays on the ticket, and thus you won’t face further expense while in the park.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney world’s magic kingdom is the right place you need to take your children. The trips taken to space mountain hives one childhood experiences and keep you relaxed just like little children in the arms of the parents. The experiences in the place will restore joy to your children in such a way that they will always feel your sensation. It is time to interact with the Disney characters you see in the movies, and that experience is not complete until you visit the Walt Disney world’s magic kingdom theme park. Show love to your children by taking them to The Walt Disney world’s magical kingdom.

Epcot Theme Park Attraction

Epcot is higher than the Disney’s magic kingdom lying in an area of more than 300 acres’ double that of the magic kingdom park. It is crucial to learn a new thing every day, and you can attain this goal during leisure time only at Epcot theme park. Epcot theme park is the place where future world showcasing takes place and people involved in research activities. It is the center of imagination and reconciliation of different countries. There is maximum interaction within the Epcot theme park, and people compete to be creative and innovative. If you thinking of a place to get inspired, enlightened and full of entertainment Epcot is the right place for you.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park form the last to handle top seven best theme attractions in the US discussed in this article. The animal kingdom is the largest of the four Disney resort theme parks with about 1700 animals occupying an area of about 500 acres. The area fills with exclusive entertainment resulting from the Broadway-style musical and parades that are interactive allowing everyone to take part. The animal interaction and scenery takes to the African savanna where magnificent animals like zebras live. The area fills with great attractions and areas to take and adventures and other activities like roller coaster riding. The lovers of animals get to learn about animal care and education and researchers, too, find time to interact with over 250 species of animals researching them.