Saturday, September 23, 2023
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What Problems Can You Expect with Dental Implants?

This surgical procedure involves the fitting of metal frames or posts into your jawbone beneath the gums. Once positioned, they permit your dentist to mount substitute teeth onto them. Since they fuse to the jawbone, they offer stable support for artificial teeth. While implants offer numerous benefits, you can expect these problems.

Loose Implant

An implant is likely to become loose if it doesn’t integrate with the bone. This could arise from an infection in the site of implantation, problems with the blood supply next to the implant, overheating in the bone, excess implant pressure, or insufficient bone connection to the implant. Initially, the implant might be fine, but you’ll begin to notice it loosen up after some weeks.


The implant can get completely or partially fractured. This could occur when there’s excess pressure on the implant. Perhaps there was facial trauma or excess trauma on the implant. Beware that even teeth grinding could become an issue for the implant, resulting in fractures when it isn’t positioned correctly.


If inflammation affects the tissue around the implant, you might experience some pain. Another source of pain after obtaining an implant is from the nerves. If it’s extremely close to a nerve, you might experience chronic tooth pain.

When the implant produces pain, you might need replacement to have it positioned correctly. Ensure you contact the dentist’s office to schedule replacement as soon as possible to restrict the pain that you experience.

Dental implants are highly beneficial, especially for anybody who’s lost his or her teeth and has a denture. However, you can expect some of the listed problems. Therefore, it’s imperative you become well-informed before undergoing the procedure.