Saturday, May 8, 2021

California’s Top Summer Getaway Locations

It’s ideal to visit some places in California during summer because of the wildflowers, weather, animals, special events or meteor shower. Consequently, you’ll discover that some of the best-known places in California aren’t on this list because some of them can become less appealing during summer.

For instance, theme parks can be packed and other popular locations such as Joshua Tree can be unbearably hot. Here’s a list of summer getaways you should consider.

Sequoia National Park

This is an excellent option for a National Park getaway, particularly because it’s less crowded than Yosemite, which you’ll find packed to the maximum during summer. While you can visit the Park anytime, it’s only during summer that you can drive into Kings Canyon, which is the deepest North American canyon by some measures.

Lake Tahoe

With cool nights and moderate daytime temperatures, Lake Tahoe can be a place to break away from coastal summer mist or Central Valley heat. You’ll have plenty to do around and in the lake when it’s warm.
You’ll find that hiking trails are plentiful and ski resorts’ facilities are adapted to summer activities such as mountain biking. All roads will be open and you won’t need to worry about whiteouts and snow chains.

Mendocino Coast

Here, the wildflower season arrives later than it does other Californian parts. The early summer blossoms, particularly the rhododendron brushes, make an already picturesque coastline even more gorgeous. Located in northern California, Mendocino’s location also experiences the most comfortable temperatures during summer.

If you’re wondering where you could possibly enjoy a getaway during summer in the Golden State, this guide is a great starting point.