Saturday, October 31, 2020

Review of Ducati Monster 797

logo of Ducati motorbikes

The Ducati Monster 797 is a rare contemporary bike that’s fun, simple, and handles well owing to its light weight and the fact that it lacks contemporary electrical assists. Over the past 25 years, Ducati has developed numerous Monster versions, each signifying an evolution in engineering and styling.

This time, the manufacturer has placed attention on creating a smaller and more accessible bike for entry-level riders. Ducati also planned to have a bike that allows even experienced riders to appreciate its distinct styling and sporty performance. If you’re thinking of investing in it, consider this review.

Features of the Ducati Monster 797

The bike has a new steel-made fuel tank with a rounded headlight like the Monster 1200. The 797 maintains a similar 31.7-inch seat height as the 821 but a broader handlebar and lower footpegs offer a more relaxed riding position.

In terms of weight, it weighs 425 lbs but the tighter 56.5-inch wheelbase also contributes to a nimbler ride. Its 803cc engine features 66mm stroke and 88mm bore.

Other features include a mounted LCD dash, which displays all the relevant information and a USB port beneath the seat, allowing you to access Ducati’s Multimedia System. Consequently, you can access things like your phone and navigation maps through the system via the earphones or dash.

Riding the 797

The bike offers a smooth power delivery with 80% of the torque coming at 3,500 rpm. Moreover, it powers out of corners well, with a linear and usable delivery. While the bars feel broad initially, you’ll appreciate the extra leverage.

You’ll also discover the controls are within reach and the seating position is roomy and comfortable, allowing you to move around. It comes in three colors: Ducati Red with black wheels and a red frame; White Silk with red wheels and red frame; and Dark Stealth with black wheels and frame.

If you’ve never owned a Ducati, or you’re a first-time motorcyclist, you won’t regret owning the Monster 797.