Thursday, June 4, 2020

Three Things To Do In Your Final Summer Before College

Congratulations! You have successfully completed high school. For some, high school was great. For others, not so much. Either way, its in the past. It is time to enjoy your last summer before going off to college! Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy your final month of freedom.

1. Connect With Your High School Friends

Once you all go off to college, the people you spent the past four years with will be seen far less frequently. Before you go off to college, make sure you connect with your high school crew before it’s too late! While its a sad fact that many friends separate before college, you will meet many new people to share experiences with.

And for those who may have had a rough time in high school, be prepared to discover your true self and make college a better experience! Half of all outgoing high school students say they hated high school or had few friends. But you are getting a new chance at being yourself in a more supportive environment! So stay positive and do something you enjoy, like connect with family or try new things, before going off to college.

2. Rest

Many people recommend working as much as you can before you go off to school, but it may be smart to do the opposite. Going off to college is already a very overwhelming experience. Your life will change practically overnight. And there is so much to do! You need to pack, say your goodbyes, choose your classes, attend orientation, meet with advisers, and more. Don’t overwhelm yourself before you get to college!

3. Work Part Time

Working part time to get some extra cash for school is a great option in the summer before you go off to college. Just don’t work too hard! But picking up a 10-20 hour a week job will be plenty to get some money saved without tiring yourself out. Having some extra cash saved can come in handy if your parents are not able to help you out financially, or if financial aid doesn’t cover anything.