Monday, May 20, 2019
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Medical Alert System

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to call for help, need someone to get to you quickly, or just feel like you need assistance and are prevented from getting it, a medical alert system is likely to be one of the best answers to your needs. But how do you know what kind of choose, what will they do for you, and what they are able to offer?

Firstly, the following three companies, in addition to the well known Life Alert, all offer the basics that you should look for in a medical alert system; MobileHelp, LifeStation, and MedicalGuardian. As is now standard, they are monitored 24/7, have GPS location technology, automatically call someone if there is an emergency, are able to detect when you have fallen, and have long battery lives that allow you to worry about other things.

Most of these are mobile, allowing you to wear them like a piece of jewelery. While the necklace style in the most common, some people find that watches, which often look like a fitbit, or even rings work better for their lifestyle. Others don’t want something that can be taken with them and instead want in home protection. Generally these are a system set up with access points around the home, making them a bit less intrusive, but taking away the ability for falls to be detected. These can also be unmonitored, allowing them be used exclusively for calling those on your emergency list.