Saturday, March 6, 2021

How to Write a Resume and Get Your First Job as a Student

Now that you are looking for your first job, there are many questions you are probably asking yourself. But fear not! Getting your first job is not that difficult of a task if you take the right steps. And in doing so, you can start building your resume and help you accomplish your dreams.

1. List High School Accomplishments

For a first job right out of high school, it is ok to list come of your high school accomplishments. This can be a GPA, club memberships, sports accomplishments, and some information on some of the classes you took.

For a first job, especially an entry level job, you will not have job experience. That is perfectly ok! Many people will not expect much of you as a current or recently graduated student. In fact, seeing someone young apply for a job sends off a good message.

2. Add your volunteer work

If you volunteered during your time in high school, make sure to list that on your resume. Volunteering is hard, and it shows initiative. Even if you just volunteered for an event at school or through a church, it will help fill up your resume and avoid white space.

As you grow older, you will have plenty more to put on a resume. But for now, volunteer work shows an employer how serious you are about getting your first job.

3. Have a parent or teacher go over it

Wiring a resume is an important task. You need to make sure you do things just right to avoid missing out on a job you may want. By having a parent or teacher go over it for you, you can feel more confident in your resume.

Most teachers and parents would be happy to assist. If you cannot find anyone, many people put out a question or request on social media for people to look it over. By doing this you can get some great feedback!

4. Get some references from teachers or coaches

Have a teacher you really connected with? Ask them if you can use them as a reference on your resume. Many times, entry level jobs will not contact your references. Many people instead just don’t put any on there. But if you do put some references, you will be put ahead of the other applicants.