Monday, May 20, 2019

Everything you need for a summer roadtrip

Going on a road trip can be fun, but when you forget an important item you usually end up spending money you don’t have or suffering needlessly. Check to make sure that you have everything on our list before heading out the door.

Phone and other electronic chargers

It’s not a bad idea to pack a charger for everything you are taking, a few extra plugs, and even a portable battery pack if at all possible.

A Cooler

Even if you plan to buy msot of your food on the road, a cooler and some frozen water bottles can really make or break the experience. Keeping everything that you buy cool will allow you to stop less often.

Blankets and Pillows

While you might not plan to sleep in the car, having that option when you want to pull over or if something happens on the road is extremely important. Pack at least one blanket and pillow just in case.

Clothes, toiletries, money

All of the basics that you should take anywhere you go should of course go with you as well. Take money, debit cards, clothing changes for each day, and any toiletries you can’t live without. It always pays to assume you won’t be able to find things you need incase you don’t quite make it to your destination in time.