Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Web & Technology

What is SD-WAN?

Today we will define the term SD-WAN and explain it in a manner that makes sense even if you don’t have a background in computers.

The first thing to know is that SD-WAN stands for “Software-defined wide-area network.” Basically it is an area network, much like a LAN, that connects computers and other devices across a network. The difference with an SD-WAN is that you can connect devices from across a large area, such as across a country or other parts of a company. This is done using a cloud type service to effectively mirror everything that is done in any of the locations.

Why would this be done? It’s simple, having everyone in a company have access to the same network, without having to involve other applications or special log-ins allows for more seamless integration and better communication. It also allows for all data to be stored in one main area, making it easier to protect and less expensive. Instead of worrying about servers and high end networking at multiple locations, you now only need to worry about a single location.

It’s much more secure and safe than any other options currently available.