Monday, April 12, 2021

The Best Websites For Creating Photo Books

Digital cameras are everywhere today. Unfortunately, most people simply file away their memory cards or decide to clear space by deleting photos. A photobook is a neat way to preserve your photos and makes a sweet present.


Shutterfly is a classic website for creating photo books. Shutterfly was one of the first online digital services to use the cloud to store photos. As a result, it is known as “the classic” and offers an extensive range of photobooks with an easy-to-use guide. It costs $13 dollars for a basic book to all the way up to $70.


Mixbook is another famous website for creating photo books. It is considered the new kid on the block. It has over 200 themes which are very easy to use. Mixbook has a similar cost range to Shutterfly, as it costs $16 to $70.


Blurb is considered to be the luxury website for creating photo books. Its also not that easy to use, as you have to download a separate app just to use Blurb. Blurb costs between $13 and $50, but prices can skyrocket if you use the more expensive paper.

Give someone a unique gift with a photobook. Fill it with precious memories and let them take a stroll down memory lane.