Friday, October 23, 2020

Five things to be aware of when buying a new car

Looking to buy a new car? Here’s five things to keep in mind while you’re negotiating with the dealer.

Know the Fees

Be sure to ask the dealership or individual you are buying a new car from about necessary additional fees. Being sure to ask about fees can help you catch them off guard and may save you a few bucks.

Don’t forget car insurance

There are a number of dealerships which require you to have your own car insurance, so make sure you’re insured.

Do your research online

Be sure to know everything about the car you’re buying before going into the dealership. It can be really easy for a dealer to sell you an addition to the car that you may not need.

Research the dealer

Also, make sure to do your research on the dealership you’ll want to do the deal with. Its very important to know which dealers will treat you with respect and which will pressure you into a deal.

Work on financing in advance

Make sure you have your financing prepared in advance, as some dealers may push you towards an interest rate for financing your car that may be higher then you can afford. Go to your local credit union or bank and ask them for a fair understanding of your financing options.